Pasting with animation does not copy element names

Problem: I have created some elements with click triggers. Grouped the elements. Works great.
Then I copy the group and “Paste with animation” in a different scene.
There the problems arise. It does at some event actions not copy the element names, although the element are part of the copied group.
I have two screenshots to clarify.
How can I easily copy grouped elements with animation over several scenes without manually modify them thereafter?

Saola Animate version: 3.0.1

OS: Mac OS Monterey


Hi Hans,

The target object of the Toggle Hide/Show Element action should not be empty when you copy it and the group at once.
If it doesn’t work, please send your project package to so that we can check.


Hi, the element was not empty, but the software did that.
I made a test project with in scene 1 a toggle button that toggles the circle visibility.
I grouped the button and circle and copied it.
In the next scene I pasted it with animation.
Checking the event action the button in scene 2, I noticed that this time Saola did not make the target empty but placed the group element in it.
Other outcome then my initial problem, but still a problem, in my opinion with the past with animation function.
Can you please have a look into it? I have send the project file to support@…
In the mean time I found out that if I make a symbol of the group, copy and pasting will work.
But still, the paste with animation should also work.

Hi Hans,

Thank you for sharing your project.
We’ve found that this issue occurs when pasting from Timeline.
Please right-click on Canvas and past from there to overcome this issue.