Park and Halloween sample projects need assets and timelines

Good day from USA!

I have looked but cannot find Ferris wheel (Park) and Halloween sample projects with completed timelines. I feel they will make useful lessons.

Can we either post them in a response or link to them elsewhere?


Good morning, Dean.

We’re glad to know that you find Saola Animate sample projects valuable for creating lessons
Right after opening the app, please navigate to the Sample tab and you will see these samples.

Hope that you’ll have amazing experiences with Saola Animate :blush:
Have a nice day,

Hello Thuy,

Thank you for responding.

It’s always wise to start with the obvious :blush:

I neglected to include that I opened the projects from the Samples tab. The timelines were empty, clicking Play did nothing, so I checked Community for a similar complaint but found none.

I am evaluating the program, it’s in demo mode and appears fully functional otherwise, but perhaps that is still a factor, though I doubt it as other samples loaded correctly.

I can try reinstalling. What i want to learn is the rotation of the Ferris Wheel. Was that a sprite sheet?


I checked again. The wheel is a symbol. After unlocking timeline actions and adding playback instruction to the wheel, it worked.

I wanted to learn something and it appears i did. :slight_smile:

i will study symbols more and hope to learn how to achieve similarly smooth action in my projects.

thanks for your time.

Glad to see that you were able to resolve the issue and learn something new in the process.
Thanks for letting me know, @deanshultz :blush:

Yes, symbols are powerful tools in Saola Animate for creating reusable and interactive content, and we encourage you to continue studying and experimenting with them to achieve your desired effects in your projects.
You can find more helpful information on the Tutorials page Saola Animate Tutorials - Atomi Systems, Inc. or User Manual

Best regards,