Page transition in game

What can we do to prevent page transitions from being understood in the game?


I couldn’t find the solution to this problem either.

Can you share an example video for understanding?

Do you mean for advancing slides?
I always make sure to deselect the auto advance box so that my learners advance at the proper time.


Hi @cemileyavuz,

Please describe your question in more detail so we can understand it clearly.


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It seems that your file got an uploading error.
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I sent you an e-mail at I would be very happy if you get back to me from here.

I solved the upload problem. I’m throwing it here

Thanks for providing the video. But next time, hopefully, you and your team member could describe any issue with specific information so we can understand and support you guys better. :slight_smile:

Based on the video, do you guys mean that you want the transitions to work more smoothly? If yes, please adjust the motion path and the background image.
We also suggest that you re-design the background image like drawing a seamless image. Then, split it a half for slide 1 and the other for slide 2.