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Overflow Hidden Not Working

I am testing Saola and have two circle shapes on the stage size (400 x 400) hanging over each edge of the stage.
I set their overflow property to hidden. When I export the scene the shapes can still be seen hanging outside the stage area???. Is there something I am missing?

HiddenTest.saola (8.3 KB)


Hi Deek,

You should set the Overflow property of the scene:

The Overflow property of a element affects the element content (element text in case of Div or Shape):


Thanks so much for the help. I got it working with a brand new Saola Project but it’s not working on this first one I set up??? The project seems corrupted somehow? Is this a bug or am doing wrong here in the project settings?

Deek (310.0 KB)

Your scene is set to 100%. If you need it at this, but still want to hide part of the face - put the face in a group and set it’s overflow to hidden.

I see…I set the images in a group then resized it and it clipped itself so I guess this works. Thanks for the response. Saola is a great program but there is a steep learning curve re: the interface but I am slowly getting theret. Sorry for so many questions but I have one more please…

What is the difference between Saola and Active Presenter? Which one should I buy?

:slight_smile: Cheers

The Saola manual is worth reading cover to cover at least twice.

ActivePresenter is an e-learning program like Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline and I’ve tried all three as I build e-learning for a living but none offer the flexibility I needed for my clients or ideas.

Saola is not e-learning, it primarily for animation but it offers the raw tools that allow you to build highly functional and beautiful HTML5 content from scratch but using a UI rather than just code.