Order of elements in the timeline

How do I change the order of elements in the timeline? I’ve tried clicking and dragging, and combined this with the SHIFT, ALT and CTRL keys, but I cannot drag one element above or below another in the timeline at bottom left.
Saola Animate version:
Windows 10
This is on a laptop with a trackpad:

Hi jahnocli,

Currently, Saola Animate doesn’t support dragging to change stacking order in the timeline. But you can totally change the stacking order of selected element by either of the following ways:

  • Use buttons on the toolbar.
  • Right-click an element on the Canvas or the Timeline > point to Display Order > select the command you want.


Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I worked out the “Select Command” route, but it seems a bit long-winded. Still, I got it to work…

I do not see any up or down buttons on the timeline header.
The display order works as you state but the menu option “bring to front…Sent backward” seem to point to the canvas itself and not to the timeline. this Should really be fixed. I would never have guessed that this was to also sort the timeline

Hi Vincent,

You’re replying to a very old thread and a old version of Saola - so the layout has probably changed (I only started on this version).

To change the stacking order of elements, you can now simply drag and drop in the timeline or the elements pane to rearrange.