On-Load event bulk operation

Problem: Is there any way I can use a bulk operation to add same event (On Load) and same action (start timer) to multiple slides?

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.2

OS: Windows 10, 19043



Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the current version.
You need to copy and paste them across slides manually.

Or you can add events-actions to Slide Masters/Layouts (see the below video). Slides will inherit properties from Slide Masters/Layouts.


oh, Alright thanks. can this be added in the feature request.

Also, I guess I have to do manually because I am importing my existing slides and adding in AP master slide won’t add to the imported slides.

thanks anyways for such prompt reply. really impressed.


We will consider implementing this feature if having more requests from users.


thanks @Quynh hopefully more users can support this for faster availability :blush:

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