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Offline Viewing With HTML5 Export

(V. Watson) #1

Would there be any problem using a course locally that has been exported as HTML5? No internet connection, just running in the browser from a local computer.

(V. Watson) #2

Just reading the info below (from Adobe Captivate) that indicates they do NOT guarantee local playback. They’re using JSON files. I don’t know if AP uses that same method.

As you have discovered, Captivate’s HTML5 output now makes use of JSON files to deliver certain types of images because it is possible with a single JSON file to deliver multiple images, thereby speeding up download and playback times for HTML5 on mobiles. There is no option in Captivate to revert the publishing process back to the way it worked in earlier versions.

Web browsers have become more and more secure due to concerns about hackers using certain exploits to deliver viruses to end users. That’s why Flash is being phased out, but it’s also the reason why some web browsers don’t make it easy or even possible to play HTML5 with JSON content locally on your computer. (Sometimes you may be able to get it to work by relaxing the security settings, but not always.)

(Dao Viet Phuong) #3


There are some known limitations such as: Green Screen Effect and YouTube may not work on some browsers. You may also want to package the output as EXE file. If so, I suggest to use this tool:


(V. Watson) #4

Thanks. The exe conversion is a good idea. Is there something comparable to ewriter for Mac?

(Dao Viet Phuong) #5


PhoneGap at maybe the best since it can do for various OSes but it requires some computer experience.