Object to appear after hovering over all buttons

Problem: I have 8 buttons that a user hovers over to display text. I have a next button initially hidden. I want the next button to only show if the user hovers over all the 8 buttons.

How do I do that?

I have tried to show object but that can only work on one button

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows 10 enterprise


Hi Linda,

Please take a look at the sample I made below:
Show Next Button.approj (412 KB)

I have set up slide 1 Hover as you require.
There are 4 shapes with hidden information that needs hovering to see, and 2 buttons: Done and Next (Next is initially hidden).
When the learner hovers, the Show state will appear with the text.

You need to set up 4 variables equivalent to 4 shapes (Home > Variables > User > Green icon)
The type of all of them is True/ False, and the default value is False.

These variables will be used later in the Interactivity tab.

Now, with each shape, you will add events and actions like this:
This means when the mouse hovers on this shape, the shape will change its state to the one with text.
At the same time, the variable show1 with the default value False will be adjusted to the True value.
Do the same with other 3 shapes.

Moving on to the buttons, the Done button is to mark if users have finished hovering to read the all 4 information.
We will set up the actions and conditions like this:
This means if they have done hovering and reading the 4 shapes, all 4 variables will turn to True, and the Next button to navigate to the next slide will appear while the Done button disappears.
The Next and Done buttons can be merged into one with the Show/ Hide Object as above and the Go Forward actions if you do not want complication (no need to use Initially Hidden).

Slide 2 is made with similar logical flow, but using On Click event instead of On Rollover event.
You can take it as reference.

Hope this clarifies.

Quynh Anh

Hi Quynh Anh
Thank you so much for this but what I need on my slide is a smaller button and the display text to be on a bigger space.

Can I send you my project so you can see what I am trying to do


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Yes, Linda,

You can share the project and external data folder named in the PROJECT_FILE_files if any so we can check further.
Please email it to support@atomisystems.com
If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then send the link to support@atomisystems.com

Quynh Anh