Object States Problem

Problem: I’m running into excessive stuttering when editing Object states. My computer is sufficient. This is making my job very difficult. Can you help me?

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.6

OS: MacOs 13.1


Could you please describe the problem in more detail and send your project along with its external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) to support@atomisystems.com so we can check?
If the files are large, you can upload them to a could storage site like Google Drive and email us the download link.


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Thank you. I sent mail.

Hi @eyyup_dogan

Thank you for sharing the project file.

We have tested but the project worked fine in both Windows and MacOS.

Could you please send us a video demonstrating the problem as well as the ActivePresenter log file so we can check further?
To view the log: ActivePresenter button > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Thank you for your answer. Now I was able to pull and upload the files.

Video: Ekran Kaydı 2023-03-08 13.14.48.mov - Google Drive

ActivePresenter.log (955.5 KB)

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When I want to edit the state as it appears in the screen recording, they all freeze a lot likewise.

Thank you for your video demonstrating the issue.

We have reproduced this problem and are working on fixing it. When it’s finished, we’ll let you know.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

Thank you. I’m looking forward :slight_smile:

Hi @eyyup_dogan

An update with a fix for this issue has been released.
Please access the Help tab > Check Updates to check it out.

Best regards,

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Thank you. @Hang The problem seems to be fixed.

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