Object State Change Confusion -

Hi, I am having a difficult time working with object state change. I have created a psychometric quiz using buttons wherein someone can choose between 5 buttons. As a user selects a button, I am able to change the state of other buttons to “Disabled” and this is working well. However, in the same action, I want to update the state of the selected button to a new state created by me which can inform the user on the choice they have made. I am putting that state change order under Button > On Click. However, the state change is only happening while the cursor is clicked and it goes away once I remove my finger from the click.

Essentially the ‘Disabled’ State Change is working fine but the new state created by me is not becoming permanent. It is only appearing when the button is clicked and changes back when the click is released.

Hi @thelearnerco,

Could you please share the project file which has the issue so we can analyze further and more precisely? Please also share its external data folder named in the form PROJECT_FILE_files if any.
If these files are large, you can upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive and send the link to us here or email us at support@atomisystems.com and quynhanh@atomisystem.com

Quynh Anh

Hi @thelearnerco,

In addition to my previous response, before sending the project, please confirm again if the buttons you are using are the Button objects in the Interactions pane.
If that’s the case, it is due to the default setting of the button object. When you hover and click the button, it will go back to the built-in states.

To solve this case, please use the Shape objects instead of the Button objects. Then, add the events and actions as normal.

If you have tried and it still does not work, this time, please follow my previous response and send the project so we can check.

Hope this clarifies.


Hi @thelearnerco ,

I use shapes for the contents and then put buttons from the interaction list over top and choose a white fill, but then make them 0 opacity so they are transparent. Then I use the events from the button to change states on the background content. I need the buttons so that the interactions are still keyboard accessible.

Hope this helps,

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Yes using shapes worked. Thank you for your help and support.

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