Object state change back to Normal when mouse rollout

Problem: I’m making an Interactive like “Millionaire Quiz”. I try to set my Hexgon Object changed to Highlight state when I click, but after I Rollout my mouse it return to normal state.
How can I keep it always being highlighted when I move my mouse?

Hi Khoi,

I guess you are missing the conditions for the On Rollout event for Radio Answer. The logical is: if the Radio Answer is Normal/Hover/Down/Disable Checked state, we don’t change corresponding Hexagon Object to Normal state.

You can refer to our tutorial to see more details

Thanks & Best regards

I can do it now. Thank you for reply me. roll

One of my condition was wrong…

About the money tree. I really dont understant how to make it, even with the guide. Can you give me the sample of that page?

And one more thing. I’m proud of you guys :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much :smile:

About the money tree, it is included in the tutorial but split into 2 parts:

  1. Creating object and states in Step 1: Create the Question Template > 2. Create Multi-State Objects
  2. Doing some javascript codes to make the money tree work in Step 3: Make the Question Slides and Build the Interactions > 4. Create the Remaining Interactions > When the question slide starts_
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