Object located on the edges of the Venn diagram

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What we want to do in the Venn diagram is to place the dragged object in the area that takes up more space and to ensure that the dragged object does not remain on the border line of the drag area. And in review mode, the checks and crosses of objects are placed independently of the dragged object. We want to arrange the dragged object in the middle of the drag area and from top to bottom. How can we solve this?


A major issue here is the overlapping drop targets.

My suggestion would be to use the large diagram of all three circles as nothing more than a background image and then use smaller drop targets that do not overlap but match the size of your drag sources.

You will likely need to allow for the outlines of the drop targets to show which may make the exercise a little easier. (see screenshot)

But in this way there are no conflicts and you can have them positioned how you wish within the diagram.

Since even custom shapes retain a square or rectangular binding box - the overlapping is hard to avoid.


Hi @cemileyavuz

Achieving this with ActivePresenter isn’t possible, unfortunately. The best solution might be the one suggested by @gregs.

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Thanks for your help @gregs @Hang