OAM output support

I have been looking for output options and did not find OAM support in Saola. Is it correct that there is no way to output an animation in OAM format?

Hi Klaas,

Saola Animate doesn’t support OAM format.
This format is only used mostly by Adobe products.

By the way, I see you liked an old request about centering elements. It’s already available on alignment toolbar: https://atomisystems.com/html5-animation/resizing-and-aligning-elements/


Thank you for the feedback Toan,

I want to use the animations in Adobe Captivate and it would be a lot easier if we could import the animations. Now we need to embed those and have to place them on a webserver as well.

Would be great if we could find a better workflow…


I think you should try our eLearning product: ActivePresenter.
It’s comparable to Adobe Captivate.
You can download its Free edition to try all the features as long as you want.
The next major version of ActivePresenter will allow embedding Saola Animate animations without uploading them to a web server first.