Number of correct responses in quiz


I would like to give my users a little help when they do a quiz. I am familiar with the option to show respones as a feedback during a quiz, but I am looking for an even more general way of given them feedback, for instance, only the number of correctly dropped items in a drag and drop question. Is there a variable in the background that I could access?

Thanks, Rolf

Hi Rolf,

Are you interested in having a Help button appear, displaying hint messages to your users while they are taking a quiz?
If you could provide more details about your request, it would help us in comprehending your requirements and offering appropriate assistance. We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide a sample project to or an image that illustrates the issue you are facing.


Thanks Hang,

yes, they click on a help button and a popup tells them something like “So far, X of your Y items have been placed in the correct slot”. Is there a way to access the X?

I know that I can let AP show correct/incorrect checkboxes etc. But that is not what I am looking for.

Hope that clarifies my request.
Thanks, Rolf

Thank you for clarifying your request, Rolf.

Please take a look at the attached sample below to see if it meets your needs.
drag_drop.approj (300 KB)
This example uses a number variable named “count” to show X out of 3 items having been placed in the correct slot. And the events-actions to add and subtract to/from the count the corresponding correct/incorrect items.

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Thanks, Hang,

and sorry, I should have specified even more. That was actually one of the work-arounds that I have also come up with. I thought maybe there was a system-internal variable that kept track of the points achieved so far in quizzes and the value of which you could access somehow.

Thanks anyway, Rolf

Thank you, Rolf,

In this case, unfortunately, there is no possible way to use a system-internal variable or function to get the number of correct items dropped into a drop target.