Not reading USB 2861 Device

I’m not able to read my Samsung analof camera connected via USB analog/digital ION tranducer device, connected to USB 2861 device. I’m sure the USB port it’s ok because it works on the same PC with, for example, “Video Proc” sotware, who is able to swith between this camera and the integrated webcam of my PC (Windows10) without any problems.
Any idea how to solve the issue? Thanks!

ActivePresenter Version: Required. --> version 8

OS: Required. --> Windows10


Hi Paolo,

Can you please try updating the driver of tranducer device to see if it works?


Yes I did it, installing the file ionsetup.exe that I downloaded from ion page, but with no results…

So, the current version of ActivePresenter can not detect the webcam connected through tranducer on your computer. We are working to improve the webcam capture at this time. I am not sure if we can find the cause of problem but is it possible for us to check with your computer in the next few days?


Yes sure! Please advide me some housr before so we cvan organize!

Hi Paolo,

I am sorry to getting back late.

Can you please let me know does the webcam appears in the device list as in the below screenshot? Or, it is recognized but can not record the video?



I enclose an image of the camera with its USB analog/digital converter, and an image of the name of the device read by the software : USB 2861



Thanks for your information.

As I understand, the device was recognized but no video recorded. Can you please share the log of ActivePresenter, so we can analyze further? To view the log, click ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log. If the log is too long and you can not upload the file, please email it to


I cannot attach the file because I’m defined es “new user”; I attach to the E-Mail