No sound playing in editing window


  1. I press ‘Record Video’
  2. After recording a video clip, it opens in the editing window.
  3. When I press the ‘preview’ arrow, the video plays, but the “system audio” track doesn’t. No sound.

It shows ‘system audio’ as a timeline. And if I export it, the audio plays. But I can’t edit it. No sound in the editing window.

I’m a total rookie w/AP. What am I missing? (While recording, it shows audio as recording in ‘recording toolbar’.)

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.3

OS: Win10



Can you please help us to check to see if the issue happens with the version 7.5.2 at


Sound plays correctly in edit window w/ 7.5.2 version.

Thanks for your information. We confirm that is a bug in version 7.5.3 when running on some specific computers. It will be fixed soon.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.


Thank you for your quick response.

It´s the same with me (version 7.5.3)!
No sound. And I saw other things:

  1. the cursor of the editing comes back a little, after I click the play button;
  2. no sound of the video or the mp3 files;
  3. clicking the play button on the properties, the sound appear distorted and faster.

I am using version 7.5.9 on Win 10. When I record using an external microphone, there is no sound playback when previewing video in timeline. I can see that sound is recorded but I can’t hear it unless I export the video.

Can you please restart the program to see if it can resolve the issue?