No my sound on video records in Skype calls (rec by ActivePresenter)

I recorded my Skype English lessons and everything was OK.
Since one day I’ve realized that there is no MY sound recorded in Video records, only my conversation partner voice presents.

I use Windows 11 Pro, I’ve checked Settings->Privacy and Security->Microphone => “Let Desktop Apps access your microphone” is ON.
I use Logitech C920 webcam and no any problems with sound in Skype.

Could you give me advice please! It is very important to me to record SKype lessons with both side voices. Earlier it was possible with this OS, WebCam (built-in Mic) and same ActivePresenter program


Your sound issue may be related to the input device you’ve selected before recording. In this case, unfortunately, it’s impossible to recover the audio.

In the future, please ensure that you carefully check the audio input device you intend to use before clicking the Record button. If you are recording with your webcam, the input device will display the microphone name of that device.

Also, please be aware that ActivePresenter is primarily designed for creating training videos and elearning courses and may not be the most suitable choice for recording conversations with important information. We recommend considering alternative software for such scenarios.

Hope this information helps.

Thank You very much! I’m gonna check it! Have a good day!

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