No more videos?

Hi, I’ve just updated to the newest version of ActivePresenter and I have a problem. A while ago it was possible to make a screencast of a window (e.g. a resized browser window). I can’t fint this option anymore. I can see that ActivePresenter made a big step into the direction of a learning software. When I’m recording a “Software Simulation” I actually wanted to make a screencast of a webpage. Instead I get several slides, one for each click. That’s not what I had in mind.

Did ActivePresenter change that much - or am I just blind and can’t find the correct settings to make a simple screencast? :pensive:

If you want to record a video then you should choose “Record Video” instead of “Record Software Simulation”.
Those 2 options are placed together right on the Welcome screen.


Okay, I’m officially blind. Sorry for my dumb question. I got confused because the webcam is on by default. No one will see me. :wink: