Newbie Question about Remediation

Hello! I’m a newbie. I’ve used Captivate for a long time but am very excited to see the capability of Active Presenter!

I’m creating a simple remediation interaction, starting from a blank project.

Slide 1: Video
Slide 2: Multiple Choice question with Infinite attempts

  • On incorrect actions are 1. Show feedback layer (Incorrect) & 2. Go to Slide 1
  • Incorrect feedback layer Continue button action is to Continue Project)

I expect that the learner whenever the learner answers the MCQ incorrectly, they are returned to the video, rewatch it, and try the quiz again.

This works if I remove the incorrect feedback layer. But if I include the feedback layer (which I want), the video will not play after returning to slide 1.

I’m sure this is user error! Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!


As you set Infinite attempts, the Try Again Feedback will show up for learners to retake the question until it’s correct. This is the deafult event-action in ActivePresenter. In your case, if you don’t want this Try Again Feedback layer to appear, simply delete it and the “If attempt is equal to last” condition of the Incorrect Feedback.

Consequently, On Incorrect: show Incorrect Feedback and Go to slide 1


Additionally, ensure the Autoplay option of the video is checked:


Hope this clarifies!

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Ah, that actually wasn’t what I was asking, but your answer helped me anyway. I had deleted the Try Again Feedback layer and was using the Incorrect Feedback layer instead. When I switched to the Try Again feedback layer, it works as expected. :slight_smile:

Oh I forgot to mention adding the Clear User Input action to the question slide’s On Load event so that the learner can try the quiz again. Thanks for your feedback!