New to exporting HTML5 and uploading to LMS

Problem:I seem to have a problem exporting to HTML5, then uploading to an LMS. We are using the free version of Latitude Learning and I was able to upload a lesson and test it the other day. However, I needed to make some adjustments and now can’t get it to work. I don’t remember how I did it. I am uploading the zipped file that has the manifest in the root folder, but something just isn’t right… Any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.0.1

OS: Windows 7


Hi LindaB,

Can you please tell what are some adjustments that you made? What did you mean when you say something isn’t right? Can you please describe the problem in more details?


When I upload, I get the email it was sucessfully uploaded, but when I enroll and launch the course, it opens to a white page. Here is what is in the link


We don’t have permission to access this link. If possible, please send login information to support@atomisystems.

You can also try uploading the content to for testing. If it works, it seems to be an LMS problem. In this case, please contact author of Latitude for help. Otherwise, please share the project and output files so we can check.


I downloaded it the website and then got this message.
An organization or item element is missing a title element. This is okay if the item references a submanifest. (Item ‘tuto’) [1111] So not sure exactly what this means. It must be something I’m doing wrong during the export to HTML.


When exporting SCORM, you should set the package information (in that same Reporting tab).
Organization title and item title can be set to the project (or lesson) name.


I made those changes and uploaded it to again. It says everything looks good. (See below). However, when I launch the course it never loads. It just circles. It shows I completed and passed it in the sandbox, but it never launched. Appreciate any help you can give me.

Parser Warnings
Congratulations, your manifest looks great!

So there might be something wrong within your project.
Does your project load and run properly locally? I mean when previewing it on your machine.

If it’s possible, please send your sample project file to our so we can easily check.

I sent the project. It plays fine locally. I just can’t seem to get it to work properly when I upload it to the LMS. I’m using Internet Explorer as they recommend using IE instead of Chrome. It is not working in either browser. Thanks again for your assistance.

Well I’m still trying to fix this lesson to work right on my LMS. I actually got it fixed where it launches now, but in the LMS, it will show Passed with a 0 percent. It should show the pass/fail percentage, not 0%. The LMS support people told me to check the settings in my authoring tool. I have it set to Pass Condition Number of Correct Answers and not less than 80. Do I need to have the Test box checked in the General tab/

I guess you need to turn off the option “Report the score in percentage” in the Reporting tab when export.