New audio features

I’ve found that I often run into these two audio issues whenever I use ActivePresenter:

  1. Since I’m in home office much more often, I often have remote calls while I’m working on a project and I have to add or remove an audio device (e.g., a USB headset), which causes AP to complain. Can this restriction be removed?
  2. When editing spoken audio in a project, I frequently have to remove breathing noises, which I usually do with “Adjust Volume” and lowering it to 5%. It’s very hard to hit a specific number with the slider, which slows it down. But doing it 100 times in a project is very, very slow. Would it be possible to add a “preset” so that I could change it to 5% (or 10% or whatever) with just a single click?



Please find my answers to your questions below:

  1. The notification shows up to let users know that the unplug/plug/change the audio devices may cause unexpected issues for their side since ActivePresenter can not detect the changes automatically.
    We’ll try to improve it to bring users better experiences.

  2. You can try using Noise Removal to see if it meets your needs.
    Regarding your suggestion, we’ll take it into consideration.

Best regards,