Navigation and interaction buttons are not working as expected

Problem: Hey there!
I have the problem that the navigation and interaction buttons in ActivePresenter are not working as they should and as they are programmed to be. For example, the navigation buttons “next” and “back” for going backward and forward sometimes need a click more to react to the user input. I got this feedback from a lot of users.
Is this problem known? This happens from time to time and seems to depend on how fast the user is clicking the buttons. I was not able to reproduce this issue.

For the most part, the buttons are just containing the interaction “On Click: Go forward”

ActivePresenter version: Version 8.5.2 - 64-bit build

OS: Windows



I think there could be some Continue Presentation actions instead of Go Forward actions so the issue. Please check again if they are the Go Forward actions or not.


Hey Hang,

thank you for your response.
We furthermore have the issue, that in questions the checkboxes are not responding very sensitive.
If the user hovers with the cursor over an object, the object needs time to adjust the state to “hover”.
This feels not very fluent because the mouse has to “stay” inside the object to trigger an object state change. For fast users they may not see the correct feedback as intended.

Kind regards

Hi Sarah,

It’s quite difficult for us to guess what makes the checkboxes in your project not respond quickly like that.
Could you please send the project to so that we can check?
We just need the slide that the issue happened, so you can delete the other ones to reduce the file size.

Best regards,