Navigate (cycle / iterate) through all text (shapes)

Could you please incorporate a feature where all texts can be cycled/iterated through.
In other words, the user could iterate through each text by using next/previous buttons so that the user can quickly re-scan the text for errors or just modify it.

Within the localize tab (above in the menu) there could be an extra button called “Cycle text”. When the user clicks it simple window opens with a next and previous button and the first shape with text in it would be shown. Now the user can click in the shape and edit/modify the text quickly and move on to the next shape with text by pressing next.

The MAIN advantages of this method are:

  • Is that the size and position is locked and only the text is editable. The user has then the option to modify the shape IF the user wishes so, so only the size could be adjusted because the modified text takes a little bit more space in the shape…

  • With this method the user has a clear view of how big the shape is and how it looks with the text while editing the text in it.

  • With the next/previous button the user can more quickly edit/modify ALL the text in his project without having to an .XLIFF export and then modifying text while the user does not know how it effects the shape thus having the user to go through the slides again when after .XLIFF has been imported.

This saves a lot of time and streamlines text modifying.
Please consider this seriously, it would save a lot of time.

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That’s a nice feature to have indeed!
I’m thinking about implementing it as part of Search & Replace functionality: we’ll have a pane where you can type text to search for (empty text will match all), objects with matched text will be presented in a list or tree where you can go Next/Previous or jump to by mouse clicking.
We’ll consider this!