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My downloadable links won't open download window

Problem: My downloadable links won’t open download window, opens a window with audio player instead.

Saola Animate version: 3.0.0

OS: Windows 10


I am trying to put some download links for audio files on a scene. When I turn a text item into a download link using the go to url function, it just opens a window with an audio player. I tried using a link from another music site on the web and it works correctly when I use their link…it opens a download window, why won’t my link work.

I have attached a package file for inspection.CREATE DOWNLOADABLE LINK.saolapack (2.7 KB)


It’s outside the scope of Saola Animate.

You need to configure your server to indicate the audio should be downloaded instead of played, for example, using Content-Disposition: attachment header (Content-Disposition - HTTP | MDN)

If your HTML5 output and your audio file are hosted on the same domain, you can use just client-side JavaScript to download:

	var anchor = document.createElement('a');
	anchor.href = 'your audio url'; = 'your audio file name';


Hi Toan…thanks for that code, I gave it a try but it did the same thing, but your code got me thinking about browser settings and I just found this, I am using about 3 to 4 browers, Firefox, Chrome, etc and just found on two of them which I was having the problem on , a setting for audio files was different from the other browsers I have, when I changed those settings the download windows finally opened instead of a player in a window.
…On Firefox it was a config setting called and I changed the value from true to false. Thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Locky,

The script only works if your HTML5 output and your audio file are hosted on the same domain.
In your case, the output must be hosted on

Changing the browser settings is not a good option because your users who view your content must do that too.


Excellent advice, I had not thought of that!