Multiple Timelines Use Case

I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of having multiple timelines. I can’t think of any situation where one project would have more than one timeline. Can anyone give me examples of when & why you would have more than one timeline?

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ActivePresenter offers users the main timeline, interactive timelines, and the Click Sequence one.
Each timeline is used for specific tasks. Thanks to that, managing complex interactions and animations for objects has become much easier.

If you are working on a video or a normal project, you just need to work with the main timeline: Overview of Multiple Timelines in ActivePresenter 9
While working with an interactive presentation, you may need to use interactive timelines since each timeline performs specific tasks you assign: How to Work with Interactive Timelines in ActivePresenter 9

To control and animate objects sequentially by clicking the mouse or pressing the keyboard, a Click Sequence timeline is what you need: How to Work with Click Sequence Timeline in ActivePresenter 9

From our Demo page, you can download some examples to experience:

Also, you can watch some video tutorials for more information:


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Thank you. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Is this an accurate summary of when you’d use interactive timelines?

You would use interactive timelines instead of the main timeline when you have multiple animations in an interactive project that you want the user to be able to control independently of each other.

Am I on the right track? THANKS!!!

Yes, Chante. You’re right!

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