Moving timeline to keyframes with doubleclick

Using Vegas pro a lot I really miss positioning the timeline on a keyframe when you double click on it. Oftentimes you want to position the timeline on a keyframe and must zoom in to be sure now to have the right location.


I do it this way.

Drag the playhead to the right position and if you need more accuracy, then you can click into and edit the values in the time control, either by setting a manual value or using the up / down / mouse wheel for fine adjustments.

Once the playhead is at the right position, either add your keyframe or drag an existing keyframe and it will snap to the playhead position.

Hi Mackavi,

Thanks for jumping in on this topic.

You’re right that you can be very accurate and perhaps sometimes fast in editing this way. Have done this not so often but agree that this can be very handy.

Still think that the ability to click on a keyframe to jump to it right away can be very fast and accurate as well.

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Yes, it would and one of the best things about Saola is that you can do things in different ways which makes it easy for different types of people to learn and also makes it flexible when trying to build something.