Moving object boxes in and out of a slide master easily?

Problem: Hi, I was wondering whether there is a script available which allows for quick and easy moving in and out of object boxes when using a slide master? What we need is an easy way to see all objects on each slide without moving all slide master objects in and out individually.

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.2

OS: Win 10 64 Bit


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Please describe what you want in details. It would be helpful if you can share a screenshot of the issue so we can understand better.


Hi, sorry for being too vague!
E. g. we have this box with variables and another one with a menu box (“Do you want to quit? Yes/No”). As you can see, they overlap objects of the individual slide. Some of our slides will be even denser packed with objects than this one. So what we need is a script (perhaps enabling a hotkey) to move those slide master boxes (or even all object boxes?) out of the slide and then back in for a better overview. I hope this explanation is better :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I’m allowed to post only one picture at a time


Could you please try clicking the Show/Hide icon in the Timeline pane to show/hide objects in these boxes to see if it helps.



thank you, but is there a way to also show/hide the objects of the slide master within this very same timeline panel (so without opening the slide master separately)?


In the normal view (not in the Slide Master view), you can select the Hide Background Objects check box (Properties pane > Slide Properties tab > Background Fill) to hide all objects in the Slide Master.



Thank you, I think that helps!

After trying out all the things you suggested, I fear we still are in need of a different solution. Specifically, we think a Java script might work well. So please have another look at the pictures I posted above - how could this placement of the boxes be done via Java script in Active Presenter? Could you perhaps give us a start for that? It’d be immensely useful to us. Thanks in advance!

Hi Alketas,

Javascript only works in HTML5 output, not in the editor.
I’m not sure if I misunderstood your issue. So please explain a little bit clearer.
It would also be helpful if you can send us a sample project to our mail: so we can easily check.


Hello Tuyenluu,

thank you very much for your kind help and effort so far.

All your suggestions work perfectly fine. Yet, we would like to realise something slightly different.

So, I will try to paraphrase what we have in mind:

  • We would like to position a shape outside of the active window (Pos. 1)

  • option 1: when pressing a button, we want the shape to change its position (e.g. into the centre of the slide - Pos. 2)


  • option 2: when hovering over an area, the shape should change its position (from Pos. 1 to Pos. 2); and when leaving the area the shape should

return to its original position outside of the active window (Pos. 1)

Can this be realised (with a JavaScript maybe)?

And how might this script look like?

Unfortunately, none of us has any experience with JS.

Kind regards,



It seems that you need to achieve that in HTML5 output. If so, you can reference our sample here to see if it helps.
Please note that interactivity doesn’t work in the editor, you need to preview it in the browser to get the result.
move object.approj (216 KB)



Thank you very much, I think this is exactly what we need!

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