Mouse cursor is always recorded, but should be hidden

I want to screen record my Windows screen without any mouse cursor visible in the recording. Thus I deactivated the mouse cursos in the recording settings:
HOME->Record Screen->Record Screen as Video
Recording Settings->Cursor:
“Record Mouse Cursor” is NOT checked.
Cursors Effects is set to Off

But no matter what: the Windows mouse incl all mouse movements are always recorded into the video. I must have them disabled.

What´s wrong here?

ActivePresenter version: ActivePresenter Free Edition, Version 9.1.3 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2023.10.31)

OS: Windows 11 Pro

Notes: I have two Dell XPS - one desktop & one notebook. Both have the same problem. I installed AP on a friends Intel NUC with Windows 10 Pro and there it´s OK: the mouse is not recorded.


Thank you for your clear description.
You can perform either of the following ways before recording to record your screen without any mouse cursor visibility:

  • Deselect the Display pointer trails option in your Mouse Settings.

  • Deselect the Use Direct3D for recording screen checkbox (Recording Settings… > Audio & Video tab > Video Settings section)

Hope that it helps.
Best regards,