.mkv file not found when sharing a project

A colleague has created a project with active presenter 7. There is also a .mkv file which is larger than 50 MB. But she has no folder called like her project name.

She sends me the project (name.approj) but the .mkv file is missing, when I open the project.
Therefore she sent me the .mkv file as well.

The errormessage reads: “sourcefile name.mkv not found in C:\users\name\Documents\Active Presenter \folder\name_files\name.mkv”.

I can’t find a folder with this name. I have tried to create a folder with this name and put it in the same folder as the name.approj, but it didn’t work. It seems to me, that active presenter creates a temporary folder when opening a project, but I can’t put the file in it.

I have also tried to import the mkv file via “view”, “sources”, but this does not work as well.

Can you please help? Thanks and regards


Hi Barbara

For performance reasons, ActivePresenter stores large audio/video resources of a project in an external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files.
This external folder will be created if the audio/video resource is larger than 50 MB by default. (Preferences (Gear icon)> Miscellaneous > Save external resource ).
When copying, moving or renaming a project file, please copy, move, or rename its data folder (if any) accordingly.

In this case, your colleague should compress the folder containing the project and the .mkv file as a zip file before sending you.
And make sure that they have the same name.

Best regards,