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Memory issues when I place SVG onto the canvas

I placed a full-sized 960x540px SVG element onto the canvas, and now I have significant memory lag issues while developing in Saola Animate. For example, when I drag the SVG element around, it freezes and skips while dragging. Also, the Scenes thumbnails do not represent their respective main timelines (there are currently four scenes), with the 1st scene showing the thumbnail of the 4th scene, which they used to display correctly before I introduced the 960x540px SVG.

I have tried different export settings in Inkscape for the large SVG, wondering if it may be in the production of the SVG file, but every other export I tried hasn’t improved the problem.
When I publish to html5, the presentation runs fine in Chrome. So the laggy problem is only when in Saola Animate

Any suggestions I can try to remedy this issue?

Saola Animate version: 3.0.1 2021.05.26

OS: Win10

Notes: 32MB RAM

Hi Evan,

Could you please send your project package to so that we can check? (File > Save As > Package).

Best regards,

Hi Hang,
The problem comes from the SVG file. I just made a new project with only the suspect SVG element in it and the same thing happens. I am relooking at it in Inkscape to see how it was made. I downloaded it from one of the free SVG websites.