Math quiz type fill in the blank with a range number

Still using v.6 (but I am also interested if something is changed in v.7). In using the quiz with “fill in the blank” answer type, can one put as correct answer let’s say a number bewteen 9 and 10, so that if one responds 9.34 or 9.52, etc. that would be accepted as correct.
This may occur with a math quiz when the answer is with decimals, but they cannot be fully specified and a range number would be acceptable as correct answer.

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Unfortunately, the version 7 doesn’t support it yet. We will consider adding it in the future release. In my opinion, this type of question can be converted to multiple choices question and learner can choose from one of given ranges.


Thanks for your prompt reply.
What you are saying is correct. Yet, as you imagine, there are cases when one wants to make an open question, without any pre-compiled suggestion. Looking forward to these feature then.