Manipulate Question and Question placeholder theough JS


is it possible to define Object States for questions through JS?

For instance, let’s say I have a text entry question to simulate a login field in a computer. Once the login was successful, the text entry question should go to the state ‘Solved’, which would then show the computer screen after login and nothing of the fields and buttons of the question.
I know there are different ways of doing that but I am specifically interested in a solution that involves object states.

It doesn’t seem so, since the placeholder itself seems to be without a state, but I wanted to ask anyway.

Thanks, Rolf

Hi Rolf,

For your information, a placeholder doesn’t support state, but you can add a state and On Correct action to the Text Entry in Object Settings to change the state.

Additionally, please note that adding questions from the Question tab retains state and action, whereas adding questions from the placeholder slide does not.
Placeholder slide:


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