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Magnify Cursor Effect


I think i know the answer but am asking to be sure.

My question, how can i create a magnifier effect under the cursor?

here is a pic example:

and a YT example: DaVinci Resolve 17 Edit Training - Introduction to Editing Part 1 - YouTube


Hi there,

At the current time, ActivePresenter hasn’t supported magnify cursor effect.
But you can consider using the Zoom-n-Pan feature to zoom in or zoom out a particular part of the screen.
Please check out this quick video tutorial for more information:

Kind regards,

Thank you, Thuy.

Zoom-n-pan is very good. i have used it. Functionally they are the same.

Aesthetically, a round shape is pleasing to viewers. Additionally, zoom displays only the zoomed image while magnify also displays outside the magnified area.

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