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Low Background Music Volume when there is a video playing


I would like to have the function to automatically low the background music volume when a video media is playing, and not lowing manually.


Thank you for your suggestion, Juan. We will consider it if there are many requests from users.
At the current time, you can lower background music manually with just 2 simple steps:

  1. Select the audio time bar on the Timeline pane.
  2. Click the Adjust Volume button to adjust it.

For more information, please refer to this tutorial:



Thank you, I hope this function could be a reality because now when I low volume background music manually if I stay at the previouses slides the low volume can be heared and that is a bad experiencie to the user.

I consider better to low volume at whole project and sacrifice music volume to have a good user experiencie.

I would like to upvote this request. Being able to control background audio would improve accessibility.