Looping 4 videos in a single slide

I imported 4 videos in a slide. These 4 videos are juxtaposed next to each other. All 4 videos form a rectangle that occupies the entire slide. I enabled auto play and loop playback. But when I start the preview, the loop does not work and each video stops one after the other.

What should I do to make each video loop?
Thanks for your help.

Hi Gilloo,

Can you please share the project and its external data folders named in the PROJECT_FILE_files if any so we can check? If these file are large, please upload them to a cloud storage site like Google Drive then send the link to us.


Sorry, I do not have time to prepare such a file and give it to you. Maybe next time, but I am very pressed for time (I have a deadline). I found another solution by making only one video file from 4 with After Effect.
Thanks anyway for your answer.

Well, I really need your help.
Even a single video does not play in a loop.

I even created a new presentation with a single slide and a single video. The looping box is checked, but when I start the visaulisation, the slide stops and the video disappears.
Is there anything else that needs to be done for a video to play in a loop?

I work with a Mac. Would the loopback function only work with a Windows PC?

I guess you are creating a video. If so, please extend the duration of slide and objects in Timeline pane at the bottom of the program to see if it can help?


After many tests, so that the loopback “fonxtionne” I have to do the following things:

  • click on the box “show the controls of the media”
  • click on “loop”
    And when the slide launches, and the video stops at the end, I have to click on the play button myself, and it is at this point that the loop playback is really engaged!
    it is nonsense!

I will send you all this.
But it’s crazy the time I lose just to have a video loop. For once I’m really disappointed.

Here the link to download : https://we.tl/t-40gEOkSIbp

The main timeline will pause at the end of slide including the video. You just need to create a new timeline, add appear effect for the video in that timeline, and start that timeline when loading slide.
Please see this fix: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IT7C89Hwtvlb-IYVZFT-TVn-GcsO8nlX/view?usp=sharing


Here is a simpler solution by using the Show Object action: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L52tTDoG2FiELogO5lymPPpGSvMO5s76/view?usp=sharing

I don’t understand… sory.

Have you a video to explain how to do that ?

Hi Gilles,

There are two steps (after setting Loop and Autoplay for the video):

  1. Select the video > Properties > Size & Properties tab > Timing section > Check Initial Hidden checkbox.
  2. Select the slide > Properties > Interactivity tab > On Load event: add Show Object action to show the video


OK, it’s a little bit complex, but it works.