Loop to next object/cursor and loop last frame not last segment

When syncing audio with voice, I often have to insert a few extra seconds of video.
At the moment I split the video create a space and then use the loop feature to extend the first video clip

However the loop seems only to loop to the end of the slide so I then have to trim the looped video and then move the pieces back to the same line.

It would save several operations if the loop feature would only loop to the beginning of the next object on the line
or if the loop feature only extended the video to the cursor position.

The other issue with the loop feature is that it replays the last section of video but I generally just want to keep whatever is on the screen. This means that before looping I have to split the video just after the last change.
It would be nice to have a feature that looped the last frame instead of the last video segment.
One great way of doing this would be being able to drag the edge of the video clip and stretching it into free space, knowing that this would just repeat the last frame in the clip I’m stretching.

Hi Paul,

Maybe, Insert Time is the feature you’re looking for.