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Here is a favorite puzzle of mine. Logic Puzzles!

I have placed some of us as characters in the story! Even more fun!

If you have not done one of these before - you need to use the provided clues to determine the facts of the story presented to you.
There is a grid provided to help you keep track.
A red X means you have determined something false, a green O means you have determined something to be true, and a blank simply means you have not decided.

You may clear the grid and start over if you’ve made some mistakes.
Use the Check Answer button to see if you’re right!

ActivePresenter Logic Puzzle


I figured out the results when I drafted on the paper, but during filling O or X, it seems I mistook filling somewhere.
Then I had to clear the blanks and refill from the beginning based on what I deduced logically on draft paper before. Finally, everything is correct. :pray: :100: :100:

Always excited and amazed at your games. Especially because lately, I have been watching some game shows like The Genius season 1, 3, 4; Elite League (University War), and The Devil’s Plan. There are quite some interesting games that require calculating ability, remembering ability, and logical thinking and some of your games make me feel related to the ones in those reality shows :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . That’s why playing your games is truly fun and interesting experience :>
Really looking forward to other creative games! Your creation is endless, Greg. I truly admire :muscle: :clap:


Glad you enjoy the various puzzle ideas.

I hope that not only do people enjoy them but that they also serve as evidence of what ActivePresenter is capable of doing.

So much is possible!


Love it, Greg!
I’m also very impressed and inspired by you and your games! Great work.


Hi Greg!
Your game is very creative, it’s quite difficult for me and it took me a long time to solve it. But I really like it and hope you make more games like this, I will support you.

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