Load previous settings on export and keep format selection

For export I choose “Video” and select “mp4” as format. I usually save my files to a different location in my projects folder. The next time I export a file I want to start in the previously selected folder. This is especially usefull for projects in a deep folder structure.

I would also like to keep the “format” settings even if I don’t define a file extension.
When I choose “mp4” as format and choose a file name without a file extension (like “test”), the format will always be reset to “AVI” and the filename becomes “test.avi”. When I now change the format to mp4 again the file path changes to the default path and default name. Really annoying.
It only works as expected, when I add the file extension for the file name.


Thanks for your feedbacks. We will try to fix these problems in the next update.


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