LMS Not Responding To SCORM 1.2 or xAPI Course

I am not able to make a sample course or a course that I create communicate with my LMS. I am using TalentLMS and I am build content in Active Presenter. I follow the instructions, but it appears that the LMS does not know that the course has completed. Am I missing something? Some setting? Or something unique about TalentLMS that requires a setting in Active Presenter? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Using ActivePresenter Pro Edition Version 8.5.5 - 64-bit build. (Released: 2022.03.08) On a Mac. Thank you.

Hi Randy,

Other users also had a similar situation as yours.
So, please refer to this thread to see if it helps: Communicating with LMS

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Yes, that was it, the last slide has to play until the end. Very important, thank you.

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