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LMS completion status


On the last slide of a presentation I want to display two different messages depending on whether the user has previously completed the unit or not and want to base that logic on the completed status of the LMS. For information the presentation is created in ActivePresenter V7, exported to HTML5 and loaded on TalentLMS.

I can create a text variable for this purpose which I change on the On Unload action of the last slide which almost achieves the desired functionality. However there are circumstances where the unit progress on the LMS will be reset by an adminstrator in which case I want to show the original text, but using the variable method above would result in the updated text still being shown.

Therefore I am asking is there is a way the ActivePresenter presentation can determine the completed status of a unit from the LMS which I can associate with a variable within the ActivePresenter presentation to achieve my desired functionality.


Bryon Dunkley-Smith
Training Manager
Radhaz Consulting |

Hi Bryon,

If the lesson progress is reset by an LMS administrator, all variables and results of the lesson should be reset too.
Can you please let me know how you reset the progress on TalentLMS but the variable is not reset after that? We’ve made some tests but could not reproduce the issue.

Getting the completion status from the LMS is possible with JavaScript, but it’s meaningless because ActivePresenter always set the completion status to incomplete when opening a lesson.