Live Video Streaming


I like to stream from my desktop and webcam to services like Twitch and YouTube. Currently, I have to use something like OBS Studio to do this. If I want to record from ActivePresenter, I can’t do it live.

A feature should be added to allow people to stream using ActivePresenter. When the user is done streaming, they should also be able to edit the video in case they want to polish the video for retrospective demonstrations.

Thank you for considering my suggestion, and apologies if the feature is already included (and I’ve just missed it).


ActivePresenter was designed with emphasis on creating professional quality training contents. Its power lies in the editing and exporting capabilities. It wasn’t meant to be a streaming or simple video recording app.
So it’s not like OBS.
For your use case I think OBS is a perfect match, you can live streaming and get the video recorded.
If you need editing, you can still use ActivePresenter to open and edit the video that was recorded with OBS.