Link from external site


Is possible to make a link from a external site to a specific scene? Or I need to make an other project with this only scene?

Regards Roger

Hi Roger,

After exporting to HTML5, you can edit the output HTML file to make it jump to a specific scene.
Please find Saola.openDoc command in the HTML file, and add scene: 'scene name' option to this command. For example:

  Saola.openDoc('untitled.js', 'eDrlfCyg', {
    preloaderOptions: li,
    center: 'horizontal',
    scene: 'Scene_2'    // show scene 2

However, it doesn’t guarantee that only that scene is shown. If that scene has Auto Advance option, or has event-actions which jumps to another scene, other scenes may also appear.


Many thanks Toan

Is a way that works for my.

Have a nice day