Line width of text caption changes after HTML5 Preview/Export


Hello everybody,

I have some issues with text captions. They look properly formatted in ActivePresenter, but after exporting the project (same behavior in Preview) they are distorted. The line is too long for the width and so a new line begins. As a result of this the formatting is broken as you can see in the attached figure:

I have no clue why this is happening.

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2.5

OS: Win 10 Pro, Firefox 61.0


Hi Marcel,

ActivePresenter use different method to render texts so they may look different in browsers, especially when the texts contain bullets/numbering as yours. We’ll try to reduce this difference in future releases.

For now, you can increase the text caption width to prevent texts from wrapping into the next line.


Thanks for your reply, toanls.

You’re right regarding the bullet points. Without them it happens less likely. I try to set some paragraphs manually by using Shift+Enter to avoid this behavior, cause i would like to retain the text caption width for layout reasons.
Would be great if you could improve rendering in next releases.