License not working today

Problem: I purchased the Professional license yesterday and it was working fine. Today, the product is no longer activated. I clicked the Active Product and entered the Product Key and now I’m getting a message the product key has been activated up to its volume limit. I am at the same computer. I use a terminal server because of our business, but I am the only one using the license and computer. Please help.

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Windows 7

Notes: I’m not an admin so if I have to uninstall and reinstall every time I use it, that is not an option as I have to call our IT person.

Hi Linda,

Each activation bounds to a certain machine fingerprint so I guess your terminal server was reset (or change its configurations) after each restart which cause its fingerprint to change and cause the activation invalid.

The only solution is to activate each time the terminal starts and deactivate it when the terminal stops.
You can do manual activation and deactivation with a few mouse clicks inside ActivePresenter.

Or you can also do automatic silent activation/deactivation by running commands as below:

  1. Silent Activation:
    <installation_folder>\rlactivator.exe -activate -pkey=<product_key> -silent

  2. Silent Deactivation:
    <installation_folder>\rlactivator.exe -deactivate -silent

You can create 2 .bat (or .cmd) files for these 2 commands, place them on the desktop and run when needed without the need to manually enter your product key every time.
Or you can ask your IT person to configure them to run automatically every time you log in (activate) or log out (deactivate).

Best Regards,

Thank you. This helps.