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License key not working anymore

After upgrading one of our single desk licences does not work. I am responsible for three PC and all three got the update on my unser established by our IT department.
However I only worked on ONE of these. After the upgrade it says the product has been updated too many times and I need to register the licence to put it (back) on my main PC → THE PROBLEM. I HAVE ALREADY deactivate the product at the other PCs.
As a result, I now have three PCs and on none of them is the licence activated. Can you please deactivate the licence from your server to enable me to put the licence back on my main PC?

Best regards
Jens Fiedler

Hi Jens,

I have just replied your email, so please check.


Hi, I have the same issue. Today, when opening a project in A.P. 7 it request re activation. I’ve put the code, but got an error message, saying “This key has been activated up to its volume limits”. I’ve always used the program in one PC. Could you please check? I’m unable to export my projects.
Thank you

Hi Cecilia,

Your machine fingerprint have changed so it invalidated the activation.
I’ve just deactivated your license so please try to activate again.

Going forward, you can deactivate it yourself using the portal at: ActivePresenter License Activation Management


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