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Layer or Object mask

Hi, i’m new to Saola and love using it.

But i’m wondering if it’s possible to use a shape (or a layer) to mask an odject (or another layer), I mean something similar to photoshop.

Let’s say i want a text to appear in the middle of my scene, i can hide it behind a rectangle filled with the same color as my background, but if my background is a gradiant, it could be very tricky to get this effect.

Is there a way to create a black/white mask (ala Photoshop) for this text, so it can only appears if it’s in the white part of the mask ? Could it be a feature request ?

Thanks for your answer.

Hi Sebastien,

Unfortunately, Saola Animate doesn’t support it yet. However, if you describe particularly what you want, maybe I can give some advice.


Hi Sebastien,

for simple scenes you can fake it.

Make a rectangular with the same height and gradient as the background.

Test for 1920x1080. No responsive optimisation.

Thank you both for your answer.

In fact i used the same trick, but it can be complex sometimes, i just wanted to know if there was a more elegant way.


In tumult hype you already have and very easy. Too bad it doesn’t have in Saola Animate … Because mask is very smart for interactive html5

Hi Casimiro,

I’m not sure if you’re using Saola Animate or Tumult Hype?
If you’re a Saola Animate user, you should know that there are several way to do the text mask in the latest version (2.7.1). For example, you can use Clip effect, or Overflow Hidden.