Keyboard typing game

Hi! I’m creating a mini game that requires typing on multiple blank boxes and upon pressing enter it will trigger the correct or wrong answers. Is it possible on Saola?

Hi Leon,

Unfortunately, Saola Animate does not support this feature.
The feature you’re mentioning is officially supported in the Pro version of another product of us, ActivePresenter.
You can take a look at the video here for better understanding:

I see that you have asked many questions related to eLearning interactions like drag-n-drop, crossword puzzles, and this time blank boxes.
Therefore, you can take a look at ActivePresenter, our powerful authoring tool (ActivePresenter - The Best Authoring Tool for eLearning Design), and its features (ActivePresenter Features - Atomi Systems, Inc.) to see if using ActivePresenter mainly helps you create more easily.
Or, if you still want to stick with Saola Animate due to familiar editing process and experience, you can embed ActivePresenter outputs into Saola Animate following this tutorial:
How to Integrate ActivePresenter with Saola Animate? 

Hope this helps.


Is it possible to transfer or upgrade license from Saola to Active Presenter?

Hi Leon,

Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer license like that.
You need to purchase ActivePresenter additionally in order to use both products.
So, please consider purchasing ActivePresenter if its features are really needed.
Or else, you can still stick with Saola Animate to design interactive content.

Quynh Anh