Keyboard shortcuts - windows

I bought a jog wheel controller. Now I was looking at the options in Active Presenter and the keyboard shortcuts. Do they work? Some work, others don’t even work via the keyboard (Go to Previous Keyframe, Add/Remove Keyframe, Go to Next Keyframe).
So just whether I should look for a bug in myself or it’s broken.

Hey @Jiri - Do you have a video in your AP project that has a blur effect?
and have you assigned a hotkey for those functions?
The keyframe shortcuts will only work when you have keyframes and the green bar with keyframes on it is active.
These work OK for me



Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I had the keyboard shortcuts set up, but I mixed up the meaning of “keyframes” and thought of it as a timeline. Well, I’m not a native speaker, and English isn’t exactly in my DNA.

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No worries, @Jiri - glad I could help.