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I emailed this over to you a while back but thought I’d log it on here too :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to make it so that the tab keys cycle through all text boxes in slide when using ‘Fill in multiple blank’ interactions, rather than just the first one?

My company required a way of training a web based cash office system while offline. I’ve recreated the system using Active Presenter and would like it to behave as close to live as possible, this would mean being able to use the tab key to cycle multiple fields and if possible, the ability to submit a field by pressing enter.

For example on a login screen I would:
-Type the username
-Tab to Password and type that
-press enter to submit the form

Toan said We’ll try to implement it for questions in the next major release, do you have an update on if this has been possible up to yet?

Ps. This new community is miles better, great to see you constantly upgrading and proving support!

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ActivePresenter 7 focuses on other major features so I’m still not sure if this feature will be available or not. But we’re trying our best…
I’ll keep this thread updated on this feature.


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