Keep position of dragged objects


I’m working on a board game. I have draggable shapes. Once dragged on a dropzone a random slide is displayed with a back button. When back button is clicked, all draggable shapes are reset to their original position, but they should be where the were dragged last.

Already unchecked revert, but did not solve my problem.


Hmm… I have not investigated the full capabilities of the drag and drop feature but if there is not a simple method to do this via the GUI - I might offer some food for thought.

**I am brainstorming “out loud” with you here…
Could we track the LEFT and TOP parameters of object drop targets and check against a variable to position them if necessary?

Hi Marcel,

You can use an Drag-n-Drop question and submit it before leaving its slide so that its drag/drop state will be restored when going back.


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